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How I came to self-treatment…

As a kid I lived with my family in a small town with the relatively good ecology and did not experience any problems with my health apart from having a cold once in two years maybe. Since my parents always put a lot of emphasis on good education, it was not even a question if I go to a good college or not.

During my studies I noticed some negative changes in my health, e.g. I started having allergies in spring, while fall and winter were always accompanied by the running nose. I preferred to ignore those signs, partially because studying hard and working part time I had not much time left to take care of these things. However, the symptoms progressed with time and after graduation when I started working and the stress level in my life has significantly increased, I was using nasal sprays and anti-cold meds regularly. I am not a big fan of taking meds without actually trying to eliminate the cause, but I had not much choice as in my job I need to deal with people on the regular basis. The impression I make matters and I cannot afford looking sick. Apart from that I am often on business trips, and as you know the airplane air is not the healthiest. On the other hand, I noticed that nasal sprays and drops were not that effective anymore, so were the meds. I clearly was getting used to them.

It bothered me and I started looking for an alternative. Still being rather skeptical I tried some of home remedies that I found in the Internet. One of them actually brought relief, unfortunately only temporary. However, I already got interested in the subject and decided to do further research. It is not like I suddenly became a fan of alternative medicine, but I discovered that when it comes to home remedies, there is a lot of knowledge that needs to be filtered out and systemized. I guess my mind was so much trained to conduct a scientific research that I could not just leave it like that without analyzing.

This website is the result of my analysis that I would like to share and I would be happy if it can be useful for someone.

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