There are some skin issues against which we fight since teenage years until late into adulthood. Problems like acne scars, dark circles around the eyes, and hickeys are annoying enough to make people spend a lot of money on cosmetic products but oftentimes they are not serious enough for you to actually search for medical help.

Sometimes when you are testing various solutions we may end up doing more harm than well. All those chemical products that you put on your face as well as make-up used to hide skin issues can have a negative effect.

That’s why we want to teach you natural ways that will help you look and feel better.

For today’s post, we have prepared an expert roundup. We asked Minuca Elena to reach out to 40 doctors, health and beauty experts and find out their advice regarding these upsetting skin issues.

This article is divided into three sections because we addressed the experts three questions:

1. What are the best ways to get rid of acne scars (naturally and fast)?

2. What are the best ways to get rid of dark circles around the eyes using natural remedies?

3. How to get rid of a hickey fast using natural remedies or tricks?

Maybe you’ve battled hopelessly with all these skin issues for years or maybe just one of them is giving you a hard time. Either way, feel free to take from this roundup whatever fits you best. We received a variety of tips and to apply them all you need are things you can find in your kitchen or in a local store.


1. What are the best ways to get rid of acne scars (naturally and fast)?

Dr. Kate Klein

Kate Klein

As a naturopathic doctor, I provide patients with natural solutions for common skin conditions including acne scarring. Some of the home treatments my patients have had success with range from herbal topical treatments to vitamin regimes.

Calendula cream is an herbal medicine that is applied topically; it helps immensely with acne scarring. Calendula is derived from a flower, more commonly referred to as marigold; it has great healing properties and can be used to repair inflamed and damaged skin.

Calendula is commonly found in a cream or oil which can be applied directly to the skin. It is very safe and only contraindicated in individuals with known allergies to Asteraceae flowers.

Castor oil can also be applied topically to reduce acne scars. Castor oil is derived from various parts of the plant Ricinus communis, which is native to southeastern Mediterranean basin, Eastern Africa, and India. It contains anti-inflammatory properties capable of reducing and healing scarring.

Another topical treatment is seabuckthorn oil, a derivative of the seeds the pulp of the seabuckthorn fruit. Its chemical constituents are commonly used in cosmetics and topical medications for skin disorders. Both castor oil and seabuckthorn oil can be found at your local health food store.

I often advise my patients that our skin is a reflection of what is going on internally, so we must focus on inside as well as the outside. Two supplements I recommend for improving skin and healing scars include collagen, a protein that makes up a huge component of our connective tissues including our skin and vitamin C, which is needed to produce collagen.

Again these supplements are readily available over the counter and considered to be safe for most individuals. However, it is important to consult with a medical practitioner, such as a naturopath, before starting any new topical or internal treatments.

Dr. Roberta Del Campo – Del Campo Dermatology & Laser Institute

Roberta Del Campo

As dyspigmentation is a common component of acne scarring, natural lightening agents such as lemon and lime juice can help blend the spots. As this is a natural fruit acid, ascorbic acid, caution must be taken with sensitive skin.

Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice with honey and apply with a cotton ball. Leave on for no more than 10-15 minutes then wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat daily, if tolerated, for 2-3 weeks or until scars are noticeably lighter.

When scars are raised or firm, vitamin E, cocoa butter or olive oil can be used to help massage the affected area, loosening the fibers under the scar. In addition, these moisturizing agents can help plump the skin, improving the appearance of atrophic, or indented scars.

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes. Simply puree 2-3 tomatoes and apply directly to your skin as a mask. Leave on for 10-15 minutes then wash with cool water and a gentle cleanser. Applying freshly sliced tomatoes are also a great option. Why does this work? Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A and therefore have collagen boosting abilities. Further, tomatoes contain a small amount of salicylic acid which is a natural astringent and commonly used ingredient in acne washes and creams.

Finally, just as important as above is to wear a broad spectrum, noncomedogenic sunblock daily. Any direct sun exposure will make the discoloration worse and break down collagen, therefore combating any improvement you are gaining.

Dr. Jacob D. Steiger

Jacob Steiger
Vitamin C delivers skin enhancing benefits to get rid of acne scars. It’s all natural. It aids rejuvenating the skin by promoting collagen production which is essential for generating healthy new skin.

Vitamin improves skin texture, evens the tone of the skin and reduces skin discoloration to achieve resulting in a healthier looking skin.

It also improves hydration and moisture to create brighter, healthier skin.

Elina Fedotova – Elina Organics

Elina Fedotova

Acne scars sometimes have a form of skin discoloration especially on medium-deep complexion. They could be red or darker which could stay on the skin for years.

My suggestion is to use freshly sliced eggplant and rub it against the discoloration to erase it. Eggplant extract is scientifically proven to have a number of healing and skin brightening properties.

You can even find plant extracts in some topical medical ointments. Results will be individual but if you rub the eggplant on your skin daily, you will definitely notice a difference.

Zondra Wilson – Blu Skin Care


1. To get rid of acne scars you should use honey.

Honey is a great natural solution for clearing up pimples and reducing the red marks they leave behind. This is because honey contains antibacterial properties and helps to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation.

USDA Certified Organic Raw or manuka honey are the most effective. It can be dabbed directly onto the scarred area, using a q-tip.

Honey is a great option for those with sensitive skin, as honey is non-irritating, and will moisturize your skin instead of drying it out, unlike other treatments.

2. The best way to get rid of the dark circles from around the eyes is to use almond oil.

Almond oil is a great natural ingredient that is very beneficial for the delicate skin around your eyes.

Regular usage of almond oil will help fade your under eye circles. In addition to almond oil, you can use vitamin E oil to eliminate dark circles under the eyes.

Anit Hora – Mullein & Sparrow

Anit Hora

I’m a huge advocate for natural remedies to cure skin ailments. To combat stubborn acne scars, oils are an excellent medium to use.

Argan oil is well known for restoring and brightening hyper-pigmentation and acne scars due to its high concentration of vitamin E and its anti-inflammatory properties. This oil absorbs quickly to hydrate and heal your skin.

Another excellent oil for healing and fading acne scars is pumpkin oil (after all, it’s the season of pumpkins!).

Erin Stair – Blooming Wellness

Erin Stair

One thing you can try is unpasteurized Manuka Honey

It has a high osmolality, which means when applied to wounds, it draws fluid and lymph from the underlying tissue to the wound area. The fluid helps provide nourishment to the healing wound.

It has a very low pH, in the acidic range, which decreases bacteria growth, since bugs aren’t fond of acidic environments. The acidic environment has also been shown to promote fibroblasts activity, which are cells heavily involved in connective tissue production and the wound healing process.

Honey also contains the enzyme, glucose oxidase, the enzyme which produces hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid, two substances that are responsible for honey’s biggest anti-bacterial activity. Hydrogen peroxide also promotes angiogenesis, or new blood vessel formation, which allows for more oxygen delivery to wounds that aids in healing.

Keep in mind that only unpasteurized honey will provide glucose oxidase, as pasteurized honey, which is heated, will cause proteins ( enzymes) to denature and lose their effectiveness.

You can also apply honey not only on your cuts or wounds, but your pet’s too, and there’s even some research indicating that honey can speed up the healing process of burns and diabetic ulcers, too.

Lauren Lee – Style Story


There are a range of beauty ingredients commonly found in Korean skincare products that fade acne scars quickly, cheaply and can be used at home. The most popular of these is snail secretion filtrate (aka snail mucin).

Snail mucin does not contain snails themselves but rather refers to the little trails produced by snails as they move along the ground. It functions to heal any cuts they receive on their fragile bodies as they move along rough surfaces. It also serves to protect snails from bacteria and UV rays. It has similar abilities when applied to human skin.

Snail mucin is so effective because it is broken down into other components that are already widely used in the beauty industry, like hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, and various proteins.

It is especially helpful for breakouts, uneven skin tone, and acne scarring, helping to repair the look and texture of damaged skin and reduce redness in active acne.

To see maximum results, I recommended using snail mucin for at least 2-4 weeks

Michelle Chuang – Mimi Strawberry

Michelle Chuang

As someone who has battled acne since I was a teenager, I’ve tried everything.

Home remedies, over-the-counter topical creams, too expensive peels and laser treatments, you name it, I’ve done it. 🙂 At end of the day, natural remedies are the safest. However, the skin is such a delicate organ and everyone responds to treatments differently.

The most common natural remedy for getting rid of scars is applying oils (coconut oil, olive oil or lavender essential oil.) But many of the times, people that have acne scars generally has oil-prone skin so applying more oil on oil is not highly advised.

Another option is applying lemon. Vitamin C in lemon is great for brightening of skin and will lighten the pigmentation of acne scars. If lemon is too acidic for your skin, you can also mix it with some honey. Honey is a natural healer and will help ease inflammation.

Lastly, the most effective remedy for scars is still retinoid. Retinoid is great for fine lines as well and it’ll help regenerate skin by getting rid of old skin tissues. Remember to start froma low dosage of retinoid as it may cause sensitivity (aka redness) on certain types of skin.

Ajah Hales – Golden Goddess Cosmetic

Ajah Hales

Many of our customers struggle with old acne scars, age spots, and hyperpigmentation so they often ask about the best way to get rid of scars and dark spots.

Here are three natural remedies I have shared with them over the years. All of the ingredients are available at most local Indian grocers for under $5 each.

1. Mango, Milk, and Honey

You will need Amchur powder, raw honey, raw milk.

Mix 1 part honey, 1 part milk, and 2 parts amchur powder into a thick paste. Apply to acne scars overnight. Repeat process daily for one month or until scars disappear. The paste can be stored frozen and thawed as needed.

2. Lemon, Charcoal, and Clay

You will need Activated Charcoal, Multani Mitti or Bentonite clay, Fresh Lemon, Jojoba Oil.

Cut lemon in half and juice. Using a grater or lemon zester, add lemon peel to juice and set aside. Next, combine 1 part activated charcoal with 2 parts jojoba oil and 4 parts finely ground clay.

Strain lemon juice through a cheesecloth or clean knee high. Squeeze the peels and pulp to ensure you get some essential oil in your juice.

Set a bit of your clay powder on a plate. Next, Using an eyedropper, add just enough Lemon juice to create a smooth paste. Apply to skin for 20 minutes and rinse off with cool water. Repeat twice weekly for two months or until acne scars disappear.

Store clay mix in an airtight container in a cool, dry location. Lemon juice can be stored frozen and thawed as needed.

3. Rice water and Indian Gooseberry 

You will need Rice, Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Powder.

This is one of my favorite because of its simplicity and affordability. Simply put one tablespoon of uncooked rice in an 8 oz glass of water and let sit overnight. In the morning, add one teaspoon of Amla powder, stir, and let sit one more night.

The solution will ferment and will smell like kombucha. Dip a cotton ball in the liquid and apply to acne scars like a toner. The pungent scent will evaporate once the solution has dried completely. Repeat daily for one month or until acne scars fade.

This doesn’t store well. Keep in your refrigerator and make a fresh batch every week.

*Bonus: My mother always said an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure. medical research shows that Barberries have an acne reducing and preventative effect due to a naturally occurring antibacterial substance called Berberine. Eating just one tablespoon of barberries per day can get rid of acne for good.

These recipes have been field tested and are supported by scientific research.

Dr. Bryan Tran – DrFormulas

Bryan Tran

The best way to treat acne scars is to treat or prevent them in the first place. Avoid popping pimples. There are bandages called hydrocolloid dressings that will promote healing and prevent you from popping the pimple.

If you currently have active acne lesions then it would be best to get it under control before attempting to treat the scars. Acne should first be treated with dietary changes such as reducing intake of processed, high-glycemic foods and dairy. If those dietary changes do not work then mild acne can be treated with over-the-counter products featuring benzoyl peroxide 2.5%. More severe acne is treated with vitamin A derivatives such as adapalene (Differin®).

When acne lesions heal, they tend to get darker. This is a process called postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Medically, PIH is treated by lightening creams with hydroquinone. These creams should only be used for a short time. Hydroquinone is available over the counter in concentrations of 1.5-2%.

More severe scars will leave a void. Medical treatment of these deeper scars utilizes either chemical peels or laser resurfacing. These processes stimulate a wound healing response that causes the underlying collagen to be remodeled.[1]

Peels come in various strengths and while some of the following chemicals are available over the counter it is recommended that you have a medical professional perform the peel for you.[2]

Superficial peels utilize either salicyclic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, or 10-25% trichloracetic acid. Superficial peels may only improve the appearance of superficial scars.

Medium depth peels utilize a combination of Jessner soltion and 35-50% trichloracetic acid.

Deep chemical peels utilize phenols.

Fiona Gilbert

Fiona Gilbert

Scars are when fibrous connective tissue forms during the healing process.

1. Bone broth & collagen

Bone broth has all the building blocks for great skin. To amp it up, add a collagen powder to your daily mug of broth. Make sure the collagen you pick has about 11g of protein per serving size.

2. Massage with rose oil

Rose oil has a ton of healing properties and massage will help break down the fibrous tissue.

3. Herbs & vitamins

Schizandra, neem, Vitamin D & K are fabulous for skin repair.

Kylie Kreischer – Little Looks & Big Pictures

Kylie Kreischer

Somehow, I was one of the lucky ones who made it through my teen years with flare-ups that were few and far in between.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about my early adult years. Mornings consisted of way too much foundation and coverup to hide those pesky blemishes and nights were filled with frustration that no product seemed to help.

Once I finally made it through the years of my worst acne, it let to my next challenge: time to get rid of those scars.

Two natural products that have made a tremendous impact on my skin are rose oil and vitamin C.

Rose oil helps reduce hyperpigmentation repair the skin’s tissue to fade red spots and dark marks.

Vitamin C is also incredible for improving skin discolorations while also fighting any new acne from forming.

2. What are the best ways to get rid of dark circles around the eyes using natural remedies?

Dr. Arianna Rodriguez – Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

Arianna Rodriguez

1. A hickey is essentially a bruise. Applying a frozen spoon to the area can constrict the blood vessels to help minimize the appearance. Rubbing the area to try to get the pooled blood to re-absorb can also decrease healing time. You can also try applying topical Arnica or Traumeel to the area which are homeopathics that are used to treat bruises.

2. Acne scars can be really difficult to treat depending on the type of scar and the depth of the scar! For more shallow acne scars or discoloration/hyperpigmentation left behind from resolved acne, products containing alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) exfoliate the outer layer of the skin and can help reduce the appearance.

Topical retinoids (products that contain retinol, or Vitamin A) and salicylic acid can also reduce skin discoloration/hyperpigmentation left behind by healed acne. Wearing sunscreen is always important to prevent further darkening of scars and further damage of the skin!

Products that contain zinc oxide as the active ingredient and have fewer added preservatives are best. You can even try making your own sunscreen at home free of excess chemicals that can act as hormone disruptors! For deeper scars, there are treatments such as microneedling with platelet-rich plasma, chemical peels and laser resurfacing that should only be performed by a trained specialist that can be helpful.

3. Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by many different things: lifestyle, environmental allergies, food sensitivities, loss of collagen leading to thinning of the skin, and genetics. Ensuring that you are getting plenty of sleep is very important as well as drinking plenty of water (about half your body weight in ounces each day)!

Using cooling things on your eyes such as sliced cucumber or a shredded potato for about 10 minutes can help reduce puffiness. You can also try cold chamomile or green tea bags. Tea contains tanins which are astringing and can help minimize the appearance of blood vessels becoming visible underneath the eyes due to loss of collagen.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and an important regulator in collagen synthesis. Collagen is what keeps our skin firm and prevents sagging which can accentuate the appearance of dark circles.

Dr. Dena Nader – Med Express

Dena Nader

1. When I have patients struggling with acne, I always remind them that sunscreen is a great first line of defense for the skin. In addition to always wearing sunscreen, I tell patients to try cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter, which can often be found at your local grocery store, softens and moisturizes the skin while promoting the regrowth of damaged tissue. This, in turn, can help fade acne scars.

Coconut oil also has a wide array of benefits – from protecting hair and teeth to even reducing scarring as a result of acne. Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids that help keep skin smooth and the oil’s vitamins and proteins help repair damaged skin cells and promote growth of new, healthy cells.

2. Dark circles are a pain point for many of my patients. Unfortunately, a lot of people have them, and it’s normal. But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to help reduce them.

First of all, I always recommend starting with a good sleep routine. Dark circles are often a result of lack of sleep, so try heading to bed a little bit earlier or practice relaxation techniques to help you fall asleep faster.

If sleep is a struggle for you, try placing raw potato over your eyes. Raw potato has natural antioxidants and nutrients that can help reduce swelling and inflammation that can cause dark circles.

Dr. Paul Yamauchi

Paul Yamauchi

Natural Remedies Dark Circles Under Eyes

1. Getting more sleep

Dark circles under the eyes can arise from feeling tired due to lack of sleep. Allowing yourself to get plenty of good night’s rest can diminish those dark circles.

2. Staying hydrated

Lack of energy from being dehydrated can contribute to dark circles below the eyes. It’s always a good idea to drink plenty of water to stay invigorated.

3. Cold Compresses

Sometimes there may be a vascular component to dark circles below the eyes where there is increased blood flow there. Applying cold compresses to the areas may decrease the dark circles.

4. Tea bags or products containing caffeine

Another way to treat the vascular component is to apply a product containing caffeine that will constrict the blood vessels. Applying tea bags soaked with cold water for 5 minutes below each eye is a popular trick to reduce the dark circles. There are also creams that contain caffeine that may be used instead.

5. Applying raw vegetables below the eyes

Another common trick to reduce the darkness below the eyes is to apply chilled sliced raw potatoes or cucumbers for about 10 minutes. These can help fade the circles below the eyes.

6. Rosewater

Applying cotton balls soaked with cold rose water for 10 minutes is another method to reduce the dark circles.

7. Almond oil

Rubbing oils such as almond oil can fight off dark circles and puffiness below the eyes

8. Antihistamines

If you have allergies, hay fever, or eczema, this can contribute to dark circles below the eyes. Taking a non-sedating antihistamine alleviates the allergies but may decrease the dark circles.

9. Avoid excessive alcohol

Too much alcohol on a regular basis will cause dehydration. Reducing intake may help reduce the dark circles.

10. Stop smoking

Cigarette smoking overall is bad for the skin. It causes premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, and slows down wound healing. If you smoke, stop . . . doing so can reduce the dark circles too.

11. Sleep on your back more upright

When you sleep on the bed too flat, fluid can collect below the eyes. This is most noticeable in the morning when you wake up Sleeping more upright with an extra pillow may help refresh the eyes.

12. Reduce stress.

Reducing stress is easier said than done. However, stress-relieving techniques (yoga, meditation, exercising, apps to reduce stress on your smartphone) can make you feel more healthy and revitalized and help diminish the dark circles.

13. Preparation H

A trick that can reduce the puffiness and dark circles below the eyes is to apply the hemorrhoid cream, Preparation H. While this may sound unappealing, many people who tried it swears it works.

Dr. Flora Levin

Flora Levin
Dark circles under the eyes generally result from a number of factors. Anatomy (and genetics) is the most important one – the eyelid skin is so very thin that when there is paucity of subcutaneous (sub-skin) fatty tissue, the underlying muscle and blood vessels are more visible, creating a darker appearance to the concave hollow tear trough area. If there is protrusion if orbital fat or eyelid swelling, the « bag » accentuates the darkness underneath by casting a shadow.

Prominent eyes can also cast a shadow over the relatively hollow area. As we age, eyelid skin becomes even thinner and fat can atrophy in some places and bulge in others, making dark circles more prominent.

Another possibility is that the actual skin is darker around the eyes. I sometimes see this in patients of middle eastern or Indian origin. There is relatively more melanin (pigment) in the skin, making it look darker.

Other factors that may accentuate dark circles are lack of sleep, allergies, eyelid rubbing, medications that cause blood vessels to dilate, and foods that cause fluid retention.

So what can be done to improve the appearance of dark circles?

First, eliminating any of the above factors that are within your control (avoid salty food, get enough sleep, avoid excessive eye rubbing, sleep on your back instead of the face, stay hydrated, avoid excessive alcohol, don’t smoke).

Anything that constricts blood vessels and reduces puffiness will make the prominent vasculature under thin skin (see above explanation) less prominent, therefore improving the appearance of dark circles. Cool compresses, cold cucumbers, cold tea bags (tea contains caffeine, a natural diuretic), preparation H (constricts blood vessels), antihistamine medications.

For dark pigmented skin, creams containing lightening agents can help as well. It is important to be cautious with products such as hydraquinone around the eyes, as it may irritate the delicate skin. Kojic acid and vitamin C are natural products that lighten and brighten skin. Of course, there is also makeup.

But don’t expect dramatic results from these remedies. Unfortunately, if the underlying problem is primarily anatomic and you have eliminated variable factors without success, your options for improvement primarily include dermal filler or surgery, depending on the exact nature of the problem.

Melissa Lekus

Melissa Lekus

Dark circles under the eyes are among the trickiest skin condition to resolve. The ugly truth is that often dark circles are hereditary and no amount of products that contain caffeine or kojic acid will rid that darkness.

If the dark circles are caused by stress or sleep deprivation here are a few tricks to help eliminate water retention and constrict the blood vessels.

Go old school

Cucumber is a great method for calming puffy under eyes and dark circles. The coolness of the cucumber slices help to tighten the blood vessels so there isn’t as much blood flow happening. Cucumber also works as a diuretic to move excess fluid out from under the eyes.


Jade or Rose Quartz Face Rollers have been around since ancient times. The coolness of the stone helps compress blood vessels as well as provides lymph drainage. Gently roll the stone under the lash line from the inner corner out toward the ear. This massage technique provides circulation while draining unwanted fluid and stagnant blood.

Quick and Easy

Eye Pads. You can find collagen eye pads from just about any skincare company these days. They provide refreshing and hydrating ingredients to help soothe tired eyes. Put them in the frig for extra coldness and wear them on the go. They can be worn long enough to smooth out fine lines while flushing the undereye area to move that excess water and constrict blood vessels.

Remember to place the smaller end of the eye pad toward the bridge of the nose while the larger end covers the outer eye area to soften smile lines and drain any liquid the undereye area retains.

Manju – Mango Lift


Dark circles are a nightmare that anyone can face. One of the worst things that can ruin one’s day is looking at the mirror first thing in the morning just to find that they look like a panda. No matter how cute that may sound, you wouldn’t want to go to work looking like a panda.

What’s even worse is that if you try looking for a solution for those spots, you’d end up with a list of products, most of which contain harmful chemicals that would do more harm than good and can wreak havoc on your skin.

Thankfully, there several natural methods through which you can get rid of dark circles without having to apply potentially-hazardous products.

Aloe Vera

First, take the Aloe Vera leaves and rinse them using clean, purified water. Once they’re ready, cut each leaf in half then remove the thorns using clean (preferably sterile) scissors. Finally, using a spoon, scratch the inside to collect the pulp of the leaf and voila, you get a transparent, gelatinous substance, aka the Aloe Vera gel, which is one of the best natural moisturizers out there.

Simply apply that get on the dark circles every morning and you’ll quickly notice how effective it is.


Chamomile has been included in countless remedies since the dawn of natural medicine, and it has proven to be an effective solution for several issue and problems.

To prepare the remedy, simply boil some mineral water along with a handful of chamomile flowers in a small bowl or pot. Once you get a good mixture, let it cool for a bit then filter it and dip a sterile compress into the infusion. Spin gently for around 15 minutes and immediately apply on your closed eyelids. Repeat the whole process every two hours.

If you can’t get Chamomile flowers, you can execute the same process using Blueberry flowers.


Grate half a raw carrot as finely as possible to obtain a purée then add half a teaspoon of olive oil and apply on the dark circles.

Cover with a cotton or compress and leave it for some time the rinse thoroughly.

Cucumber and Potatoes

Simply apply two sliced cucumbers on your eyelids. You can do the same using potato rings (that are clean and peeled, of course).

Use a Spoon

As weird as it may sound, you can get rid of your dark circles using two spoons.

You simply have to put two teaspoons in the coldest part of your refrigerator for a whole night then place them on your eyes as soon as you wake up, with the curved side facing your face. Keep the spoons there for five minutes then remove them and rinse with warm water.

Ice cubes

Place an ice cube inside two washcloths and apply on the dark circles for 5 minutes.

Cold milk

Dip a compress in very cold milk then apply on the dark circles. Redip the compress as soon as it is no longer cold.


Massage your dark circles with your fingertips, starting from the corner of your eye outwards. Doing so will allow the blood to circulate better, but don’t overdo it as too much pressure may give adverse effects.


Infuse two tea bags in hot water then let them cool. When they get warm enough, squeeze the tea bags and apply them under your eyes for 15 minutes.

Steve Allen – Health Desired

Steve Allen

While dark circles under the eyes can be unpleasant, they’re usually no cause for concern.

Covering up or minimizing the appearance of dark circles with makeup or some fancy eye serum can help, but the tips I share below can help you prevent dark circles from developing naturally.

Get More Sleep, But Not Too Much

A common cause of dark circles is lack of sleep but the same can be said if you sleep too much.

While it’s evident that fatigue can be the obvious culprit, oversleeping may be less obvious. When you oversleep, this can cause eye puffiness during the day which will give the appearance of dark circles due to more shadowing under the eyes.

Try to find an even balance of sleep, a common area to aim for in adults is between 7 to 8 hours depending on the person.

Drink More Water

It’s safe to say that most people can benefit from increasing their water intake.

Although it’s easier said than done, drinking enough water throughout the day can really impact the way you look and feel.

If you have dark circles and don’t drink enough water then this could be part of the problem.

When we get dehydrated, our skin can look duller and pale, causing the top of our cheekbones to look more prominent. Drinking enough water will counteract this undesired look making our skin look fuller and improve our health in general.

Usama Azam – Health Tips

Usama Azam

Get Enough Sleep daily (6-8 hours). This is a very important step and in more than 50% of the cases alone taking enough sleep helps.

Put the slices of cucumber on your eyes and take a relax for about 30 minutes (do it daily 1 time).

Apply the dipped cotton swabs around your eyes for 3-5 minutes and do it daily 2-3 times. The lactic acid in milk helps in removing the dark circles.

Tomatoes are also very effective in removing dark circles from the eyes. Make a paste of it and apply it around the eyes. Repeat the process daily 1 time and within a few days, you’ll see good results.

Rose water is another effective and natural remedy. Apply the dipped cotton swab on the eyes and leave it for 15-30 minutes. Repeat the process daily 1-2 times and your dark circles will go.

Jenny Wu – Geeky Posh

Jenny Wu

Dark circles can be caused by multiple reasons including poor blood circulation.

I’ve found that using a cool jade roller around the eyes not only helps with puffiness but can improve blood flow. I like using it at night after I’ve applied my eye cream and moisturizer so the jade roller doesn’t tug at my skin.

It’s super easy – you can do it while you’re reading, watching tv, or on your phone, and you just need 1-2 minutes a day!

Cynthia Rowland

Cynthia Rowland

Under-eye dark circles could be caused by a number of factors, such as fatigue, aging, heredity or allergies, to name a few. In the case of aging, thinning skin, loss of collagen and lax tone of the muscle under the eye are the culprits.

There is a simple, all-natural solution for under-eye dark circles. It’s facial exercises. Yes, there are actually little muscles under the eye that can be given a workout to tone up, just like the rest of the body.

Resistance exercises can not only improve dark circles, but also sculpt a toned, lifted, symmetrical, younger-looking face and neck, and banish a double chin.

One crucial thing to note about facial exercise is that the facial muscles are attached to bone only at one end, so in order to be effective, the muscles must be anchored with the hands while creating a contraction using resistance.

Programs that simply use twists, puckers, and repetitive motions are useless and could actually be creating more wrinkles and lines.

Ponchitta Lilly – Ponch Cosmetics

Ponchitta Lilly

These skin care tips have worked for me for dark circles:

1) My fav is turmeric (antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties) and almond oil. I mix a teaspoon of turmeric into a teaspoon of almond oil or virgin olive oil. Sometimes I add mint leaves. Either has worked.

2) I’ve mixed tomato juice and lemon juice and rubbed it under the affected area. Left on for 20 minutes and then rinsed. I saw a visible difference after a week of daily use.

3) Cold tea bags work after continued use. Allow bags to steep and then place in refrigerator to cool. Leave on your eyes for at least 10 minutes. I like chamomile and green tea but I’ve also tried black tea.

I look for products that contain high doses of Vitamins K, C & D. I also look for natural products high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents.

I like to test natural ingredients. I’m currently working on something now to test on my skin. I will have to let you know after I’ve tried! I do know that those listed work!

Beth Shankle Anderson – The Style Bouquet

Beth Shankle Anderson

To get rid of dark circles, I combine almond oil with a bit of vitamin E. I apply it at night before bedtime and wake up looking refreshed because any trace of dark circles is usually gone.

Another great natural remedy to get rid of dark circles under the eye are tomatoes or tomato juice. Tomatoes possess natural bleaching properties that can lighten the skin quite effectively.

Rose Water not only soothes tired eyes, it also helps to eliminate dark circles around the eye. It is also a mild astringent so it also works as skin toner.

Ron Robinson – Beauty Stat

Ron Robinson

Dark circles are one of the toughest skincare concerns to treat with a beauty product alone. But there are a couple of things that can help:

1) one thing we can do is get more sleep. When you lack sleep, skin can become dull and pale with dark under-eye circles.

2) Look for products that help stimulate collagen. This firms the under eye area and thus conceals the blood vessels that can cause dark circles.

Lisa Smith – Colorado Colonics & Detox Center

 Lisa Smith

Puffiness and Dark Circles under the eyes is an indication of toxins the body can’t process. The best, most permanent way to correct skin inflammation or dark circles from the eyes is to remove the toxins from the liver and kidneys.

Here’s why:

The skin is the largest organ of the body. There are thousands of harmful chemicals out there to help us look our best. Unfortunately, those chemicals must be processed by the liver and kidneys. What most people don’t understand is that a cover-up, even a “natural” one is only a band-aid.

The skin is the window or mirror to the internal organs. When we have dark circles or age spots, this is from toxins the liver or kidneys can’t eliminate and sends these toxins to the skin for storage. Remember when you were a kid and asked Grandma what the spots were on her hands?

She would tell you they were liver spots. She was right. We’ve just updated the word to be more politically correct to “age spots” and “sun spots”.

Have you ever wondered why women tend to age faster than men?

Men, on average use 5-7 products a day: shampoo, soap, aftershave or cologne, deodorant. Women are an easy sell for makeup, skin care products, perfume, lotions, creams, gels, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, hair products – twice the chemicals that man use daily. This promotes aging because our bodies are inundated with chemicals.

We must go back to basics, learn how to effectively remove these chemicals from our environment and understand that we can use other things for soft skin, and radiant hair. We don’t have body odor if we’re eating the best foods and cleaning our bodies from the inside out.

This is not a new concept. For centuries many cultures and religions have integrated cleansing as common practice and rituals. Detoxification doesn’t have to be difficult. However, it can be life changing.

Our health and our planet are too important to destroy with these increasingly harmful toxins.

Lisa Cobb – Luxury on Lovers

Lisa Cobb

Nasal congestion widens surrounding veins; related inflammation may lead to dark pigment deposits. Stress and poor diet can weaken blood vessels, which may break, creating a bruise-like undertone. Fatigue strains eyelid muscles, engorging blood vessels, and can produce a wan complexion, making circles appear darker by contrast. For some, dark circles are genetic.

Essential Steps: Eat foods rich in vitamin K because it helps fortify blood-vessel walls. And use a daily topical treatment with vitamin K. Also aim for more downtime and sleep.

Quick Fix: Only cosmetics deliver instant results. Look for a concealer that’s close to your natural complexion — lighter tones will make circles look gray. (We love Osmosis concealer that has a hydration stick on one end, concealer on the other)Or try “plumping up” thin skin with a fast-absorbing oil, such as jojoba.

Ingredients to Look for in Eye Products:

  • Vitamin K or green tea (which contains vitamin K), to fortify blood vessels; vitamin A, which bolsters vitamin K activity
  • Vitamin C or vitamin C-rich carrot, grapeseed, or rose hip extracts, to help strengthen and repair tissue
  • Kojic acid, to inhibit melanin production.

Caitlin Picou – Kismet Cosmetics

Caitlin Picou

One of the most important ingredients to look for when trying to get rid of dark circles is a natural humectant. Dark circles ooccur when you have a combination of thinner skin, therefore when blood pools under the eyes (from lack of sleep), it is more visible.

To combat this, you look for humectants in your creams and under eye masks. My personal favorite, very effective combination is Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin. But first you might be wondering what a humectant is. A humectant is an ingredient that takes the moisture in the air around you and infuses it into your skin. Crazy? Not really. And turns out this ingredient can be totally natural. Although you can have synthetic humectants, I prefer what is naturally occurring in nature.

I like Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin because they are both naturally occurring in our skin and body already. But together they both boost hydration and anti-aging. Which is exactly what you need under your eyes to combat dark circles. Dark circles are the result of aged, thinning skin, so plumping it up with moisture will reduce the appearance.

Cold helps too! I like to pop these hydrogel eye masks into the freezer for 5 minutes before applying before any big event or photoshoot.

Karen Moehr – Ageless Beauty Pro

Karen Moehr

As a licensed Esthetician, I am a big proponent of boosting natural collagen. By building the collagen in the under-eye area, you can diffuse dark circles. Usually a very thin-skinned part of the face, you can do a few things to help increase the skin’s thickness and ultimately help make the area appear lighter.

Treat the area very gently. Never rub or scrub the area. Avoid irritants.

Use a microneedling tool in a very small size (needles) to help build the collagen. It will take time, but done consistently I’ve found these are extremely helpful in boosting collagen. You do NOT want to draw blood or use a deep needle; just a small “nubby” one will work. Use it over very clean skin and then immediately apply a good quality eye serum (with peptides and collagen boosting as well as lightening properties). The microneedling will create microscopic “punctures” in the skin which will help your serum penetrate better. These “wounds” will also stimulate collagen production.

Microcurrent is helpful in this area. While it’s meant to lift and tone the muscles of the face, using it around the eye area will stimulate blood flow, which will help produce a more even-toned skin. This can also help to reduce puffiness and fluid buildup. Gently done, microcurrent can be quite helpful.

Use a quality eye serum (the best you can afford) with active properties like peptides, stem cells and vitamins C, E, A (retinols) as well as ceramides/hyaluronic acid.

Jennifer Dimitriu – Goodness Soaps

Jennifer Dimitriu

For blueish black under-eye circles resulting from pooled blood-Chamomille extract, Marshmallow root extract, Green Tea Extract, Witch Hazel Extract. With a blend of hydrating oils like: Hazelnut oil, Borage oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, meadowfoam oil.

Ideally, the active ingredients would be used at about 1% concentration in a lotion made from the hydration oils in an oil and water emulsion to form an under eye cream.

For brown under eye circles: licorice root, green tea extract, black tea extract, black seed oil, neem oil, rose hydrosol, rose extract (Rosa damascena). All of these have been shown to either lighten hyperpigmentation or even the complexion.

Rose hydrosol, Neem oil, and black seed oil can be used directly on the skin without dilution. However, Neem oil has a characteristic smell that some people do not appreciate. All of the others should be combined in formulations at around 1-2%.

3. How to get rid of a hickey fast using natural remedies or tricks?

Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse – Stay Skin Safe

Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse

• these are essentially bruises that develop from suction on the skin. The negative pressure from sucking literally breaks open the tiny capillaries and venules under the skin. The blood seeps into the skin, leaving a red-purple bruise.
• it can take about 10 minutes before red-purple patch to start to develop, which is why you don’t always realize that you’re giving someone a hickey until it’s too late 😉
• they are most common in areas with thinner skin, that don’t have as much tissue to buffer the suction. This includes the neck, lips, upper chest, armpits, inner elbows (antecubital fossae) and inner (volar) forearms and even groin.
• hickeys take as long a bruises to completely resolve, so expect them to linger for at least a week or so, minimum.
• they resolve in ‘color stages’: first they are red-purple for days.. As the body begins to metabolize the hemoglobin (the part of the iron molecule that gives red blood cells their color), the breakdown products appear green, then yellow and finally gone. Sometimes, skin can become ‘stained’ by hemosiderin from the iron that seeped into the skin. It can leave cayenne-pepper like reddish/brown spots for a while. Older skin is more susceptible to this.

• hickeys will resolve on their own with time. To help speed the process:

* Ice packs may temporarily reduce initial redness and swelling, but can’t seal up the vessels that have torn. Be delicate with the skin, clean it gently, apply sunscreen if it’s an area that sees the sun.
* some over the counter products that might help reduce inflammation and potentially speed resolution of the bruise include:

1. Arnica gel and vitamin K creams. Try DermMend, available at most pharmacies.

2. Camouflage makeup is probably your best bet if the hickey is in an area that can’t be covered with clothing. DermaBlend makes a total coverage product that will withstand swimming if used with the setting powder. You can choose the shade the best matches your skin. If you only have your makeup bag, look for a green-based primer to even out the redness, and then cover it up with a foundation that matches your skin tone.

3. Really need it gone? Your dermatologist can zap it with a laser like the V-beam (pulsed dye laser) or IPL.

Dr. Anna Guanche – Bella Skin Institute

Anna Guanche

A hickey is a suction bruise. Although it was fun when you got it, it might not be so fun to explain it to everyone for the following 1-2 weeks!

The hickey is made of leaked red blood cells that then break down and release bilirubin (red) which is then converted to biliverdin (greenish yellow) which is then cleared away by the body.

The process of clearing the bruise is just the time it takes for the body to collect this leaked blood, package it up and carry it away. Increased blood flow in the area, such as warm compresses can bring more normal cells to the area to help clear it.

Bruise relief gel, available over the counter, can help, and a bit of sun exposure will also help convert the bilirubin in the skin to get it to clear away faster. The sun exposure should be during the midday, but not longer than 15 minutes at a time, as to avoid burning. Sunscreen can be applied everywhere except the hickey.

Dermablend makes incredible makeup that covers very well!!! We also have a laser, the VBeam, that we use to clear up bruising from injectables for people who are in the public eye and need to get back out there!!!

Dr. Susan Bard – Manhattan Dermatology Specialists

Susan Bard

A hickey occurs when the suction causes superficial blood vessels in the skin to burst, bleeding into the skin leading to a superficial bruise.

It’s best to start treatment immediately by slowing down the rate of bleeding into the skin by applying cold (ie. ice, a cold metal utensil).

Applying topical arnica gel several times a day helps break down the bruise faster and turn it from purple to yellow faster. Consuming bromelain (ie. pineapple) can help the process as well as can applying warm compresses. Warm compresses lead to vasodilation, so it should not be used immediately as it can worsen the bruise. It should be used on hickies over a day old.

If you need a super quick fix see your board certified dermatologist that can use a laser to break down the bruise allowing the body to naturally clear it away in about a day.

Dr. Asma Ahmed – Derm One

Asma Ahmed

To answer your question, first, we must understand what exactly a hickey is. When an area, such as a fragile, thin-skinned area such as a neck, is sucked on for a period of time, it is possible to traumatize small blood vessels until they break, resulting in a bruise. This bruise which normally takes several days to a week to subside on its own. Several products have been shown to improve bruise symptoms slightly faster.

The number one and best treatment that would lead to the fastest resolution would be with a laser in a dermatologists office. If you have access and you truly need the quickest resolution, go see your board certified dermatologist to get your hickey treated. The laser will target the broken blood vessels and blood cells sitting in the skin and help to coagulate them quicker for fastest resolution.

The treatment may cost several hundred dollars, but is a common procedure done in dermatologists offices. Often times dermatologists will offer this procedure for patients who may have bruised from surgery or cosmetic injectable procedures.

Ice and compression immediately post receiving the hickey may also help in decreasing inflammation and bleeding within the skin. However, it most likely will only help if done within a few hours of receiving the hickey.

Next best will be over the counter products with an ingredient called Arnica. Arnica may be applied topically or taken as an oral supplement. Arnica has anti-inflammatory and anti-bruising properties which can help speed the resolution of a hickey.

Another easy home remedy for hickeys which is my favorite to recommend is pineapple. Pineapple, eaten fresh, contains an ingredient called bromelin. Bromeliad is a potent enzyme that has anti-inflammatory properties and is thought to decrease swelling within the tissue after injury.

Of course, the last option is always “tincture of time.” Your skin and blood vessels just need some time to heal and eventually, the hickey will resolve. A great concealer can help a person get through the embarrassing phase until it eventually heals.

Anna Stassiy – Khrom Dermatology

Anya Stassiy

A hickey is a superficial bruise and inflammation, and as such can benefit from the application of over the counter products such as Arnica gel.

Arnica is a natural herb that helps with swelling, inflammation and pain.

Eat pineapple or fresh pineapple juice. It contains chemical Bromelain, an enzyme that might help with inflammation.

Tina Marinaccio – Health Dynamics

Tina Marinaccio
Bromelain, an enzyme occurring naturally in pineapple, helps to break up bruising, and can be eaten to clear hickeys more quickly. Bromelain also comes in supplement form.

Arnica, a homeopathic remedy, works wonders on bruising, swelling, and sprains. It comes in a cream and can be applied topically to hickeys

Jaya Jaya Myra

Jaya Jaya Myra

If you’ve caught the hickey while it’s just appearing, you may be able to minimize its appearance with a cold compress or using the back of a cold spoon.

This helps prevent blood from coming up to the surface of the skin and minimizes the inflammation process that happens after an injury, err, hickey.

If it’s been a few days since the hickey occurred, you’ll want to try the opposite approach of using heat to increase circulation and blood flow to the area. This will help the bruising to go away more quickly.

Dr. Muzaffar Hissain Parray –iCliniq

Muzaffar Hussain Parray

The hickey, if you mean love bite or the induced petechiae like discoloration can be reduced by the following methods.

Cold compression can be done with ice or cold water, must be done immediately not delayed periods.

Hot sponges after 6 to 8 hours, increase blood flow can help to reduce it.

Supplements like vitamin k, vitamin E can be helpful. Certain stimulants like a vibrator, massage with tooth or hairbrush increases blood flow.

Though there are many things that may help to reduce the period of recovery but this discoloration limit itself and does not need any medical intervention.

Jerry Snider – All In Health and Wellness

Jerry Snider

A hickey is basically a bruise, where blood vessels have burst and blood has pooled.

As soon as you can, apply ice and not heat. Ice will help the vessels close back up whereas heat will increase blood flow to the area increasing the pooling. Do not rub on it as that creates heat as well.

Another factor in the severity of the bruising is if you have alcohol in your blood. That will thin your blood slightly and increase pooling. If you do not realize it’s going to be a hickey until you see it the next morning, it becomes a bit more difficult to get rid of quickly. Continue to apply an ice pack for 10 minutes every two hours.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables as the nutrients in these items promote healing. Stay away from fried foods as they slow down the healing process.

Thank you so much to all the experts that contributed to this post! I hope you found it useful and now you know how you can get fight against acne scars, dark circles around the eyes, and hickeys without spending lots of money on cosmetic and medical procedures.

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